Monitoring customer experiences,
improving your business performance.

We implement monitoring and governance programs
for execution strategies of the brands in the sales channels.

We monitor the execution in the sales channels
through the shopper's view and/or the work of your team.

Our governance model provides engagement, guidance
and is action-oriented for the field team, in addition to the analysis of the collected results.

Technology and service in favor of your business

Intelligently and strategically, we combine different monitoring methodologies for your business, according to your needs. Allied to monitoring, we make a high-level service platform available so that the collected information changes into continuous action within your company.


The complete view of the perfect store is the combination of the eye of the person who purchases your products and services and the eye of the person who displays the items and does the merchandising in the sales channels.

With the application of proprietary technology, we make the information collected available through different views that adapt to your business:


Indicated for:
assessing the implementation of programs of the perfect store impartially.

Collected by:
External auditors.


Indicated for:
assessing the execution work of the field team.

Collected by:
Internal auditors.

The integration of these two views, combined with a governance model in favor of OBJECTIVE and USEFUL dissemination of the results, will provide your company a unique position for your business development.


Full access to information related to the progress and results of your project,
which implements the execution strategies in the sales channels open-ended and continuous.


  • Access the evidence of the questionnaires (photos and data).
  • View consolidated data via One Page.
  • Contest and view the questionnaire templates.
  • Receive alerts about non-compliant performance or implementations.
  • Monitor the dashboards of results and management.
  • Create communications and action plans about the program's development.

With the combination of technologies and services, VIDI can help you develop your business!

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Like all the large brands, count on VIDI's expertise to promote
the continuous improvement of your execution strategies.

Our accreditation:

11 years

of experience in the market


crowdsourcing researchers


Unique POS visited

> 1.000.000

visits made


implemented projects


municipalities covered (90% of GDP)


monthly visits

> 25.000.000

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Integration with the most advances technologies available in the market

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