Solutions for industrial, retail, and service companies.

Regardless of your field of work, VIDI’s monitoring and governance solutions will help you focus on the right execution. By targeting actions that contribute to the development of your field of work and your business, your shopper will have a better purchase experience.

VIDI has developed a proprietary app that supports the information gathering process within three methodologies:

Independent Audit

Suitable to evaluate, in an impartial and random way, the main performance indicators of brands at points of sale, such as:

  • Product availability and display
  • Gondola market share
  • Visual merchandising materials
  • Presence of extra points

Count on a crowdsourcing network of more than 200,000 VIDI researchers all over Brazil!

Mystery Shopper

Suitable to evaluate service indicators, such as:

  • Connection and engagement with the shopper
  • Product offering and presentation
  • Features and benefits
  • Overcoming objections and training

Rely on the shopper’s real insight, through the crowdsourcing network of researchers managed by VIDI

Data Collection

Suitable for businesses that already have a team of promoters, who perform:

  • Implementation check
  • Campaign follow-up
  • Store reviews

Rely on our super APP to collect any information and integrate it with other programs.

After the collection, you will also have a proprietary, customized digital portal that consolidates information in one place:


Through the OneVIDI Portal, you will have full access to information related to the progress and results of your project, which makes the implementation of the execution strategies in the sales channels open-ended and continuous.

  • Access the evidence of the questionnaires (photos and data).
  • View consolidated data via One Page.
  • Challenge and view the answers of the questionnaires.
  • Receive alerts about non-compliant performance or implementations.
  • Monitor the dashboards of results and management.
  • Create communications and action plans about the program’s development.

Understand how and where our business is a match!

Sales, Trade Marketing and Operations

The executives who wish to increase revenues and their participation on market share need to optimize execution at their sales channels. Understand what is happening in your operations regardless from the shopper’s view.

Have a smart execution solution that, based on the evidence collected and an agile challenge system, will bring credibility to the implementation of a pay for performance program and help reduce operational noise.

Change your strategy into reality at the POS: automatically assign alerts via email or push notification to your mobile to track gondola share, out-of-stocks, commercial agreements, extra points, price compliance, etc., always based on accurate data and evidence.

Track compliance with commercial agreements with your partners.

Market Intelligence and Category Management

We build custom dashboards so you can tell your own stories. Access data quickly, at any time, on our flexible platforms that allow you to study a wide range of indicators. You can review results per store, product, category, indicator, hierarchy… and much more.

Grow with our advanced analytics. Relate information collected at the points of sale with other databases and obtain new crossings that enhance your analysis.

Enrich the potential of your presentations by displaying the results in richly detailed customized maps, images, and charts.

Dynamically review and disseminate the data at all levels of the organization.

Do like the big brands and count on VIDI’s expertise to promote the

continuous development of your execution strategies